Extradition rights

IF EVER there was an example of the need to repeal the European Human Rights Act and bring in a British Bill of Rights for 21st century Britain it is the case of ­
Phillip Harkins, a Scot who is wanted in the United States over a fatal gunpoint robbery in ­Florida in 1999.

He was sent to jail for five years in the UK in 2003 for killing 62-year-old Jean O’Neill while driving in Greenock and the US immediately started extradition proceedings.

So for 12 years Harkins has been using the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation with his lawyers more than happy to pick up their fees courtesy of the ­British taxpayer.

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Time to stop this gravy train, change the law and put him on the next plane to the US.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian

The control freakery of the SNP reaches epidemic levels with reports now circulating of a disciplinary code for their MPs that will impose draconian limits on their freedom of speech.

What will not be tolerated by the new masters is dissent or criticism, from within or without.

More disturbingly, this seems to extend to their footsoldiers, and their army of cybernats.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg