Expat vote rights

It was announced on the BBC last week that a legal challenge is being contemplated by a Scots lawyer, based in London, 
challenging the exclusion of Scots who do not currently live in Scotland from voting in the referendum.

Although there is clearly a likelihood that Scots working elsewhere (especially in the UK) will see the benefits of Scotland 
remaining in the UK and voting accordingly, it is not a certainty.

If, however, a Scot living in England, for example, were to be required to use his British passport to enter a separate Scottish state through the frontier England would be forced to erect, should he not have a say in what will affect his relationship with his native country?

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Equally, if that same Scotsman should decide to accept the offer of Scottish nationality, if the Yes campaign were to win, he will then be jeopardising his chances of continuing to live and work in England, as Scotland would then be either a non-EU state (certainly initially) and, some years later, maybe, an EU state signed up to Schengen.

That would mean that he would have no right to be where he was without approval by the authorities in England.

With such an uncertain future facing them, it seems hard to 
expect that the government will allow the present Scottish administration to exclude Scots in England from voting.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive