Everyone does it

Amazon reportedly pays only a little tax on its EU profits by registering in Luxembourg (your report, 17 January).

This enterprise is quoted as saying unblushingly that it receives no special tax treatment there, being subject to the same tax laws as other companies. So that makes it all right then – they all do it, they’re all at it! What a model for ethical behaviour, which some say sounds like devil take the hindmost.

What price all this lip service to reducing global inequality, when huge corporations find ways to avoid their responsibility?

Joe Darby


Dingwall, Ross-shire

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Another day, another promise of massive tax cuts to big business from the SNP.

Their long-running commitment to slashing corporation tax for the banks and the Amazons and Googles of this world is well known, if little understood. Then there are their demands to slash airline taxes for one of the richest industries on the planet. Now they want tax cuts for the oil barons, the richest group of businessmen on the planet.

Most of us want to know what would they do to pay for this? Cut money for schools, hospitals, and the welfare state – or increase VAT and income tax like in the Republic of Ireland?

We need answers on what it costs to give tax breaks to big business.

Michelle Smythe

Dalry Road