Euro ‘rulers’ every bit as unelected as the Lords

THE SNP’s Keith Brown, along with other supporters of the European Union, on Thursday night’s Question Time, expressed a wholly contradictory set of values. They, like George Osborne, condemn the House of Lords as being “unelected”. Well spotted, Sir, say I.

However, quite how the defenders of our membership of the EU justify their stance defies logic.

The EU is run by appointed, unelected Commissioners who tell the so-called “European Parliament” what to vote on. This puts the House of Lords, as a purely revising chamber, in the shade in terms of their legitimacy.

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On the other hand, when our democratically ejected government is constantly hectored by foreign, unelected and unaccountable apparatchiks in Brussels, like Jean-Claude Juncker, I draw the line.

We were misled into voting for a “Common Market”, not an EU, in 1975. That is all we have agreed to as a nation and we must return our relationship with Europe to that alone and return to governing ourselves.

The condemnation of the Lords by the SNP is a smoke-screen, because they really love the EU, which is equally undemocratic, but why?

The SNP are politically promiscuous. They think their Westminster husband does not heed them enough, so they flirt with the dark, flashing eyes and fat wallets of the EU and seek to justify this infidelity as freedom.

If they condemn the House of Lords as undemocratic, maybe this explains why they do not condemn the EU’s much greater outrage against democracy.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive, Edinburgh

If Norway finds itself at such a disadvantage for not being a full member of the European Union, as Alex Orr appears to believe (Letters, 30 October), could he please explain why it has not applied for full membership.

Douglas Adam

Oswald Road, Edinburgh