EU pragmatism

If Struan Stevenson (Letters, 31 July) is correct that an independent Scotland would have to go through a long and tedious process to get into the European Union, it might be simpler and better for us to join Norway and Iceland, outwith the EU but in the European Economic Area.

This would give us some benefits and there would be some costs. There would also be more freedom of action.

However, we are already in the EU as part of the UK, and have been for some 40 years. Expelling us would be without precedent and could be a problem. The EU tends to act pragmatically.

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It accepted East Germany, as part of a united Germany, without apparent difficulty.

If it finds it in its interest to do so it will similarly find a way of ensuring a seamless transition for Scotland from membership as part of the UK to membership as an independent state.

It seems to me likely that the EU will find it in its interest to do this.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place