EU agriculture

An important question needs to be asked, thanks to Bill Jamieson’s timeous article on the EU (Perspective, 12 February).

What would happen to the Scottish agriculture industry if the UK votes to leave the EU?

Though the UK election is looming, apart from the “milk sector crisis” little is said about 

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Presumably a vote to leave the EU means the death of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). What would be the attitude of farmers without the “protectionist” CAP and its system of supports?

Just as important are the financial consequences for consumers regarding agricultural product prices on supermarket shelves.

Can it be assumed political parties are discussing policies if or when agriculture is decoupled from the CAP?

Couldn’t a “national conversation” begin about what sort of economic model is preferable for Scottish agriculture?

Arguably some economists have suggested global free markets for agricultural products would benefit farmers and consumers.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk