Essential skills

I noted with interest the publication of the CBI manifesto for next year's Scottish Parliamentary elections (your report, 15 June).

While we are not able to pass judgment on this document in its entirety, there is much in terms of its skills and training agenda that is to be commended and on which we are working closely with the Scottish Government, employers and colleges and universities to deliver.

The call for funding for skills development and apprenticeships to reflect business demand, matching funding with economic priorities and ensuring targeted training and careers advice for young people, is an issue on which we are working closely with key stakeholders on addressing.

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In this context we must continue to simplify the skills system, making it easier for employers to navigate and help them engage more effectively.

We must not forget the tremendous skills and experience brought to the marketplace by older employees too. And with an ageing workforce, there are several sectors which will need to focus on upskilling and gaining new entrants.

Increasing the supply of skills without the corresponding demand is not the answer; it could waste time, money and effort.


Alliance of Sector Skills Councils in Scotland

Castle Street