Equality of life

How can Ann Henderson (Letters, 29 January) say “the STUC will continue to campaign for a world in which women can… be respected and valued for being female, not abused and violently assaulted or murdered for their gender” whilst defending the very same action against the unborn?

Ms Henderson says amending the Abortion Act “will not
advance women’s equality one bit”. How are we going to attain true equality when one entire class of the human race continues to be denied the fundamental and basic right to life?

A group which is violently killed on a massive scale every single day around the world?
Many will say that abortion must always remain a “choice” but we must ask the all-important
question: “What choice are we talking about?”

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Given the facts about abortion, the question really becomes: “Do you think people should have the right to choose to kill innocent children if that’s what they want to do?”

All laws impose a moral viewpoint and restrict the individual’s behaviour. When others’ rights are at stake – and particularly when their very lives are at stake – any decent society must
restrict the individual’s freedom of choice.

Is an innocent human damaged by a woman’s choice to have an abortion? If not, no problem. If so, it is a major problem that society cannot afford to ignore. Any law that prohibits the fatal
victimisation of another person is by nature a just law.

For the sake of humanity and true equality, let’s not give up on the unborn.

Martin Conroy


East Lothian