Engineering feat

Scotland has had for centuries its own distinctive education system, with a very highly regarded progressive tertiary sector.

It was thus not clear what the letter from Academics for Yes (18 February) meant by independence offering the chance to reinvigorate and renew what was apparently the ambition for tertiary education to play a core role in working to enhance folks’ lives and understanding in so many different ways.

This was related to Scotland’s being renowned for its creative, innovative and inventive capacities, which, however, were developing before and enhanced very successfully after the Union of the Parliaments right until the present day.

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Scotland is not and has not been unique and alone in its educational and training development, but always as part of the UK and in concert with Euro- pean and other nations.

Collaboration and competition continue to drive development. That breaking away from the UK will enhance tertiary education’s existing, very sound underpinning of Scotland’s future seems unproven.

Could a focal point be the urgent need to train more engineers of both genders, will independence lever us ahead of the rUK in achieving this?

(Dr) Joe Darby