Enforce the rules

Shelter is right to highlight the need to tackle irresponsible letting agents (your article, 
7 May) and there is clearly a need for a better regulatory environment for the private rented 

However, the Scottish Government should also look at regulations that already exist, but are not currently being enforced adequately, in addition to any new rules.

For existing programmes like the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, tenant information packs and others to work effectively, they require significant promotion to ensure all landlords are aware of the scheme and then rigorous enforcement to ensure compliance. If the Scottish Government commits to actively policing the sector in tandem with any new rules, “rogue” letting agents 
described by Shelter should 
disappear. Over the past ten years, the private rented sector has more than doubled its share of the total housing stock in Scotland, rising from 5 to 11 per cent. As the private rented sector plays an ever-increasing role in meeting Scotland’s housing needs, the vast majority of landlors are committed to providing an exceptional level of service to tenants.

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Malcolm Cannon

ESPC Lettings

George Street