End trafficking

SOME 68 suspected illegal immigrants have been found inside four lorries at Harwich International Port in Essex (Your report 6 June). There were Afghans, ­Chinese, Vietnamese and one Russian. Four Polish lorry drivers have been arrested.

There are tens of thousands of desperate people from all over the war-ravaged world who see the UK, with its generous welfare benefits and housing, as their ultimate destination. Why else would they journey through Europe to reach Britain?

European law states that asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first “safe haven” country they arrive in, and in not doing so they should no longer be classed as “asylum seekers”.

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Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to curb ­immigration. Well, here is his chance.

Britain must pass emergency laws and introduce a minimum jail term of ten years, with no ­remission, for those convicted of people smuggling.

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That would immediately stop immigrant trafficking and make the UK a definite no-go area.

Clark Cross

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Springfield Road