Education leader must be internet aware

I WRITE in disgust at the admission of Councillor Ewan Aitken in your article ("Web porn forces city councillor to axe site", News, May 7) that he is "internet illiterate".

It shocks me beyond belief that Edinburgh City Council would appoint Aitken the executive member for children and families, the education spokesman, a member of head teacher appointments committee, the member of the executive (educational matters) and a member of committee on pupil/student support when he makes the illiteracy statement above.

Where have the city’s elected leaders been for the last ten years whilst the internet has been growing to such a huge part of our children’s education?

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The rapid growth of the internet has meant that increasing numbers of both children and adults and indeed teachers are spending more and more time on computers and the internet.

Many children spend more time on the internet than they do watching television. I would venture to suggest that every child who has a computer attached to the internet in Edinburgh uses it for homework.

I am sure that there is at least, ‘adequate’ internet access in every school in Edinburgh and I am just as sure that in the last five years the amount of time spent by teachers and pupils on the internet has increased by huge percentages, as has the council’s budget for computers and internet access.

It is time the council took education seriously in the city. Edinburgh needs better than a self-described internet illiterate in 2005 to be in charge of the education, education budget and headmaster appointments for our children.

Our children are our future and our schools need to be guided by people who can look into the future and bring our schools round to be future looking establishments turning out children who can work in environments around the world knowing that they have had the best education that money and resources can supply.

I totally back the call for Councillor Aitken to resign from his positions in education forthwith.