Edinburgh Airport has got it all wrong

As visitors leave Edinburgh after another wonderful 
August their last memory of the city will be their departure experience at Edinburgh Airport.

While many will have chosen to visit Edinburgh for the chaos and energy of the Festival I doubt that they would want to have this extended to their flight home.

Chaos and unpredictability are exactly what they will experience as they pass through the recently opened passenger screening and 
security area.

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As a regular traveller, I looked forward to the opening of this new facility. What a disappointment.

There were long queues in a cramped space with a process overly reliant on technology and with little opportunity for sensible human intervention from the staff.

Last year I passed through airport security globally more than 200 times and I’m sad to say that Edinburgh 
really is at the bottom of the pile.

Yes, security is important. Yes, it is the Department for Transport that sets the rules. Where those responsible at Edinburgh fail is in the implementation of those rules. Take a trip to Tel Aviv and see how they do it there. They know a thing about security and the whole process is conducted in a calm and efficient manner.

What is all the more frustrating is that the old screening area used to be so much calmer and efficient. Why the change?

Well, they wanted more floor space to sell us products. Sadly, their target audience is exiting security stressed and irritable and in no frame of mind to shop.

How about a rethink? The priority must be on whisking people through the airport. Maybe then they’ll buy
whisky and watches.

Nigel Morton

St Margaret’s Road

North Berwick