Ed examined

One of the most revealing responses of the election campaign debates was Ed Miliband’s failure to admit that the last Labour Government spent too much. In spite of audible groans from the audience, Miliband ­offered no caveats, but dogmatically argued that the correct ­decisions had been made.

Of course, Ed is not alone in burying his head in the sand, as evidenced by Brian Wilson’s weekly piece (Perspective, 2 May) in which he again attempts to “rewrite history” with a highly slanted view of the Labour Government’s performance.

Although, perhaps prophetically opening a sentence with the clause “Labour does not have long left”, this was not finally an admission that he now accepted the likely fate of those who had not only betrayed their most loyal supporters but had destroyed the principled socialist party of Keir Hardie that sought true “Home Rule”.

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Unfortunately with regard to their common objectives, both Messrs Miliband and Wilson appear incapable of comprehending that voters can make their own judgments about government performances.

The fact is that while the gap increased between the rich and the poor, the UK was left close to bankruptcy by the last Labour government and in Scotland there will be no “new dawn” until the party is totally reconstructed, not as a party accepting dependency but as a party of which Keir Hardie would have been proud, ­confident in the future of an ­Independent Scotland.


Longniddry, East Lothian