E coli dangers

So having spent a significant amount of Scottish voters’ money to investigate and introduce a charge for the “clean and new” so-called “single-use carrier bag” it is now discovered that there could be significant health issues in reusing the alternative carrier bags for food, caused by cross-contamination when used for different products and leakage occurs.

This has resulted in the U-turn by the Scottish Government, excluding butchers from the charge.

Those making the regulations have failed to understand that the same risks occur in all major supermarkets, as they all have fresh meat counters like the butchers, as well as fresh fish and cheese counters.

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The powers that be say “the supermarkets products are all vacuum-packed”, but have they ever been to one?

Despite coming from the south of the Border, my concern is the health risk for my Scottish friends. A recent study concluded that the single-use bag caused the least environmental damage of all bags used. Is it any wonder our politicians are trusted less than car salesmen?

David Tyson