E-cigarette ban

After many years fighting for a smoking ban against the powerful smoking lobby, the medical profession were successful because they were able to provide evidence of the many deaths that occurred due to smoking

Now e-cigs are taking the place of cigarettes and some people are claiming that they should be allowed as it is helping them to stop smoking.

This may be the case for some but in my opinion they are there to make money for the owners of e-cigs who couldn’t care less if people stop smoking.

The fact that the e-cigs that are on sale look the same as real cigarettes makes a farce of the present government policy of covering up cigarettes in shops.

They are allowing e-cigs to be smoked in the walkways of our shopping centres. What is the effect of the large clouds of vapour (which are exhaled) on other members of the public, especially if the e-cig user has a cold or the flu?


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The government should step in and ban e-cigs immediately for the long-term health of the general population and especially our children.

As for Forest, which represents the interest of the smoking industry, it should be completely ignored as for years despite the evidence from the medical profession that thousands of people were dying of cancer it was still against a smoking 

John Connor

David Henderson Court


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