‘DW’ was class act

Ever since I met David McLetchie on our first day at George Heriot’s in 1964, he had a keen interest in politics and one that did not go unnoticed by our English teacher, “Kipper” Heron.

Mr Heron was always keen on involving us in learning rather more than simply being able to read, write and interpret literature. He wanted us to use spoken English to communicate, and never missed a chance to engage us in debate.

In our third year, in spring 1967, Mr Heron decided we should have a debate about politics: we would have a class election. He needed two candidates.

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One was easy: “DW” (as he was known to his friends) was to be the Conservative candidate.

Your correspondent was the lucky pupil to be handed the Labour role. Not to put too fine a point on it, Labour lost, and David McLetchie gained his first political victory, and a resounding one at that!

(Prof) Alan Sangster

Griffith University 
Business School