Dugdale move

I am aghast and appalled by Kezia Dugdale’s announcement that, in a second referendum poll, Labour MSPs and MPs should be free to fight for the break-up of the UK (your report, 21 September).

Being charitable, I suppose that this disgraceful and unexpected U-turn by Labour’s new Scottish leader might be construed as a naïve, panic-stricken attempt to prevent Labour’s annihilation at the forthcoming Holyrood elections.

I wonder, however, if Ms Dugdale has forgotten that a majority of the Scottish nation voted to reject independence only a year ago. Does she really want to betray the many Labour voters who campaigned tirelessly for a No vote?

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It would seem that needlessly and irresponsibly she is throwing in the towel as regards keeping the UK intact.

By so doing, she is likely to bring about even more Labour Party disunity and must be making SNP activists think that Christmas, this year, has really come early.

Sally Gordon-Walker

Caiystane Drive