Double danger

It seems clear that if we all vote according to our own conviction throughout the UK then the Conservatives will have the largest number of MPs at Westminster. The Labour Party may seize power with the support of the SNP even though Ed Miliband has publicly and consistently refused to accept their advances.

This is a risky strategy for the SNP machine. Labour always makes a hash of the economy, so when the SNP hitch their wagon to Labour they’ll be tarnished with the same broad brush of economic incompetence that has always been the mark of an outgoing Labour administration.

Let’s not forget that the only reason Labour managed to hold things together during the early years last time in power was because Brown stuck to Tory spending policies.

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Then the red mist dropped over his eyes and Labour spent like there was no tomorrow, Labour presided over an increase of one million new public sector “jobs”, Labour sold the family silver and spent the proceeds, then borrowed up to the hilt and tried to blame the banking crisis for their profligacy.

Ed Miliband still can’t bring himself to accept or admit that they took the UK to the brink of bankruptcy by increasing their borrowing by a massive 50 per cent. And that was before the banking crisis.

In some ways one should not be surprised about the SNP; they always get their sums wrong too. Their finance minister John Swinney told us Scotland would be the sixth richest country in the world if it had control of a geographical share of North Sea oil. Well that’s been confirmed to be absolute nonsense.

Vote SNP in Scotland, get Labour at Westminster and watch the food banks grow when the international community withdraws support and up goes the bank interest rate and down goes the value of the pound and up goes the price of everything.

Then the Conservatives get back in power to fix the mess made by those crazy socialists once again. The price of democracy?

Stan Hogarth

Palmerstion Place