Don’t be little

I am in my 90s and have never written to a national newspaper before. I am also Norwegian by birth. But I have adopted the UK as my home ever since I fell in love with a young army officer who had come to liberate us from the fascist occupation of my country during the Second World War.

And that is why I am writing now. He was a British Army officer and it was Great Britain that gave Norway back its freedom. It was not England, or Scotland, but Great Britain.

And so, while I can understand that the Scots have many grievances against Westminster (who hasn’t?), I find it unbearable to think that this great island might be splintered into its separate parts.

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Now more than ever before we need unity. We face darkness and division every day, and yet the problems that humanity must urgently resolve demand that we work together much, much more. Not less.

So it is my fervent wish that we have a vote for Great Britain – not little Scotland and little England.

Eline Gilbert Scott

Burnham Norton