Donald Trump may have cleared way for Clinton but he’s backed by others

Apologies if I refuse to join the Grecian chorus of outrage over Donald Trump’s recent attempts to make him the most moronic presidential candidate since George Wallace. More power to him I say!

At first I was nervous, but with Trump now certain to become the Republicans’ nominee on the back of their own lunatic leader selection process, which trumped even British Labour’s scheme favouring mob appeal over ability - and threatening to run as a vote splitting independent if he doesn’t in sour grapes - Hilary Clinton’s path back to the White House now seems secure rather than the nightmare of another warmongering Bush.

Mark Boyle,

Linn Park Gardens, Johnstone, Renfrewshire

It is interesting that a wealthy American, with island blood running through his veins, is all the talk of America at the moment, with everything he says making the headlines, whether one agrees with him or not. Donald J Trump – whose mother came from the Isle of Lewis – has been embroiled in controversy all because he has the guts to say what others daren’t say, at least not publicly.

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While we may disagree with him on banning all Muslims entering the US we unquestionably endorse his sentiments that there should be greater and stricter scrutiny of all Muslims wishing to enter his country. Yes, and there should be greater scrutiny of all Muslims entering the UK as well. Although what he said over a total ban may not have been “politically correct” it is becoming apparent that he is fast becoming the mouth-piece of what ordinary people – across his nation – are thinking and saying.

I sincerely hope this perceptive, robust, honest talking, plainly speaking American, whose Lewis blood is strong and heart is Highland, becomes the next president of the USA.

Donald J Morrison

Old Edinburgh Road, Inverness

I can understand the Scottish government distancing themselves from Donald Trump and also Robert Gordon University stripping him of his honorary degree following his suggestion that Muslims be banned from entering the US, but I am puzzled by the rush of righteous Scots to sign a petition to ban Mr Trump from entering the UK. His idea is ill-thought out, but his intention is clearly to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into his country. I hope our petition signatories will appreciate the irony that, while they would never agree to a ban on potential terrorists, they would quite happily ban a man who wishes to stop them.

Walter J Allan

Colinton Mains Drive, Edinburgh

Donald Trump received an honorary degree from a university seeking publicity at that time. Tyson Fury was instantly propelled on to the BBC’s Sports Personality list. Both are outspoken characters, now regretted by RGU and the BBC. Should we not wait to praise people only after they have really proven themselves? Did we not learn lessons from Sir Fred Goodwin?

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive, Edinburgh

The SNP continue with their headline and populist politics, in seeking Donald Trump be banned from entering Britain. In their recent vote against military action in Syria, they called for continued talks. Should they not have adopted similar tactics in reaction to Mr Trump?.

Jimmy Armstrong

Abergeldie Road, Ballater