Domineering SNP

One has to agree with John Milne (Letters, 17 December) about the threat to democracy from the SNP.

Doubtless there will already have been an outpouring of rage against his suggestion that the SNP is working towards a one-party state.

However, the misuse of the committee system, the imposition of a named person (chosen by the state) for every child in Scotland, a single police force 
answerable to central and not local politicians and the vilification of anybody who dares challenge SNP orthodoxy all point to a party that seeks not only to beat its rivals but to remove them from Scotland.

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They have already said that they wish to see a Conservative and a Ukip-free Scotland; will the Lib Dems and Greens be next, followed finally by Labour?

It is far-fetched perhaps in the immediate future, and is this what all these new members signed up to? It is ironic that it is Westminster and the EU that are our best protection, alongside strong and free political parties in Scotland.

Jim Murphy has said sensible things and his wish to devolve power from Edinburgh to local authorities etc is another step in guaranteeing our freedom from an ever-domineering and centralising SNP, a party which is so contemptuous of democracy and social justice as to ignore the legitimate wishes of the 
majority as expressed in the referendum – SNP “Newspeak” contends that in modern Scotland 45 per cent is greater than 55 
per cent.

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place