Dispel the dogma

I have increasing concerns over the opinions expressed by our leading politicians that Scotland’s voice should be ignored because it is different and “dangerous”. At the referendum it was agreed that Scotland should remain part of the UK, and as such take a full part of the democratic process.

In recent broadcasts both Jim Murphy and Ed Miliband suggest that if Scotland decides to vote as the polls predict they will do everything in their power to sideline Scottish opinion, and David Cameron and Nick Clegg claim Scottish influence is dangerous. What chance a “United Kingdom?”

Perhaps the politicians should heed the message from voters that we are tired of confrontation politics and are seeking a consensual approach. Dispel the dogma and embrace pragmatism.

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When the SNP first came to power in Scotland, they showed that government by consensus worked; since then they have gone from strength to strength.

Perhaps this is the message the others need to heed.

Roddy Ross

Firpark Terrace