'Disgust' at legal aid move by expenses MPs

I am disgusted that Jim Devine, David Chaylor and Elliot Morley are to be granted legal aid to fund their defence (your report, 13 April). The possibility that the legal aid bill to be paid by the taxpayers could reach £3 million is scandalous.

I believe there are two distinct issues in this whole sorry saga. In the first instance, the courts should establish whether or not the three MPs in question are guilty.

After this has been decided and irrespective of the outcome these individuals should be brought before parliament to decide if they have abused a position of trust, undermined the credibility and damaged the reputations of their fellow MPs and the credibility of parliament both in the UK and in the wider world. I would suggest this is the most serious charge and if they are found guilty the sentences need to be Draconian. Even although all attainders were abolished in 1884, perhaps it is now apposite to consider bringing back the process of attainting for such crimes.


Menzies Avenue


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The three Labour MPs, not satisfied with exploiting the public purse while in office, are to receive legal aid as they defend themselves over charges over their expenses.

This is nothing short of exploitation of the benefit system.


Hawthorn Drive

Banknock, Falkirk

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