Disgraceful delay

High Court declares “delays in paying disabled benefits broke law” (Your report, 6 June). This is a shocking indictment on our ­society and a shameful indictment on the UK government.

This High Court decision was as a result of two individuals challenging the government’s welfare provision for our sick and disabled and the delays in assessment for benefits.

In 2013, the UK government legislated to abolish Disability living Allowance (DLA) and move to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), but unfortunately for many, there was no joined-up thinking in this move. With more than 75,000 PIP claimants awaiting assessment – and about 3,000 of that number waiting more than a year – the system is not fit for purpose.

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The legislation proposes to roll out the transfer from DLA to PIP nationally later this year, proposals that need reviewed in light of the current backlog and this court judgement.

What does treating the disabled in our society in such a degrading way, having them depend on food banks and charity, say about our so-called “caring society”?

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Catriona C Clark


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