Diplomatic tact

Since raising the issue in May of my UK citizenship in an independent Scotland, I have received a response from the parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Scottish Office, via my MP.

He confirms that decisions about UK citizenship would rest with the UK Government and that it is not possible at this time to predict what the decision of a future UK Government might be, although historically the UK has allowed individuals to hold multiple passports.

With regard to the issue of the capacity of an independent Scotland to deliver an equivalent diplomatic service to the one we currently enjoy, we should be aware that the UK employs 14,000 people in 267 embassies, high commissions and other offices in 154 countries and 12 overseas territories around the world.

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The cost of replicating this diplomatic activity, and particularly the quality of its services, will be a considerable new expense for Scotland’s taxpayers.

How many other unexpected expenses are hidden behind Alex Salmond’s grin?

(Dr) Roger Leakey

Pencaitland, East Lothian