Dim idea

I read about the use of biblical references on US army sniper scopes (your report, 20 January) with amazement, but, sadly, no real surprise. The references to John 8:12 and 2 Corinthians 4:6 both concern scriptural light in one form or another, and since both scopes use a type of luminous display to illuminate the targeting reticule, one can only hope the light refers to this and has no possible religious overtones.

If it does, the US government has handed the Taleban and Al Qaeda an enormous propaganda coup, demonstrating conclusively that some factions in the US military or its suppliers are apparently involved in some kind of perverse religious crusade. Just how foolish and hypocritical can anyone be to associate mainstream Christianity with war, or use it to endorse a telescopic sight specifically designed to kill from a distance?


Keith Street