Diesel fumes

That Volkswagen rigged the emission tests on its diesel cars has been covered in detail by the BBC and the press.

However, it is well known that diesel cars, supposedly clean and green machines, are responsible for alarming increases in air pollution in all major cities since they spew out vastly more nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide than petrol cars.

This pollution is estimated to cause 5,800 premature deaths in the UK every year.

Why did successive governments not discourage the proliferation of diesel vehicles which now account for about half of new cars in Britain? The answer is “green”.

Green zealots claimed that the world was warming and diesel vehicles would reduce emissions and “save the planet”.

The green movement has a fixation with climate change, a threat far over the 
horizon, which may or may not exist.

There has been no increase in global warming for 17 years and the MET Office say that they do not know whether this pause will continue or not.

Britain has less than 1.5 per cent of global emissions so this government must immediately stop listening to the flawed demands of the green zealots who have done far more harm than good.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road