Devo max costs

Interesting to read the letters published on 27 September. I was happy that the devo-max option did not appear in the referendum. I think it is separate from the issue of independence and would not have been as fully investigated. It might have attracted support simply as a compromise.

While Scottish politicians may want their hands on more levers of power we, the public, have another priority. Would max mean less tax?

I would like to know what Sir Kenneth Calman and his Commission think. What was their brief and why did they recommend the lesser proposals embodied in the Scotland Act?

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If we Scots were informed, we could express an opinion and we may wish to have a further referendum on the new proposals. This time the campaigning period could be very much shorter!

Hugh Mackay

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Blacket Place


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It is much more important to get things right when deciding which powers are to be devolved to Scotland rather than rush the legislation through and get it wrong, as hurried legislation from Westminster tends to be of poor quality.

We have waited more than 300 years for more powers to be devolved so we can surely wait a few more months to see the matter handled properly and with full attention to detail.

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Dennis Forbes Grattan

Mugiemoss Road

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