Democratic deficit

There is no excuse in a democracy for threatening an elected politician, whether it be the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon or Jim Murphy.

Supporters are entitled to their views and it is nobody’s business what the Weirs or J K Rowling do with their millions.

What recent events – be it on the road to Dundee with the 
attack on Jim Murphy causing police to advise him to suspend his campaign, the attack on Nigel Farage in Edinburgh or the scuffles on Argyle Street – show is that for many in this campaign the myth of Scottish democracy and the fairest society on earth is a pure myth; democracies respect difference not try to suppress 
legitimate political debate.

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I was at an event (an entertainment event, to be sure) on Saturday where the statement was made that you cannot be a proud Scot and vote No.

There was an SNP minister present and she said not a 
word – what future do we really have?

(Dr) Roger I Cartwright

Turretbank Place