Democracy failing

If Jim Murphy cannot get Scottish Labour’s act together (Peter Jones, Perspective, 16 December), the future is indeed bleak not just for Labour but for Scottish democracy.

Independence is one thing; a one-party state under the SNP is quite another.

I have little doubt that democracy in the UK is dysfunctional because of the lack of participation by the citizens.

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And so the politicisation of tens of thousands of people ­during and following the referendum ought to be welcomed. However, it is tragic that the ­beneficiary is a centralising political party the democratic credentials of which are suspect.

The SNP has misused the ­Holyrood committee system having no apparent intention of introducing a proper system of checks and balances such as any civilised society recognises as being essential to prevent the abuse of power.

The SNP’s elected representatives failed to call to account a leader who had such contempt for the voters he could lie so ­blatantly about being in possession of legal advice regarding entry into Europe.

The YeSNP campaign relentlessly denigrated not only those who opposed independence but also those who were uncertain, refusing to acknowledge their concerns, refusing to answer their questions.

Above all, the campaign to intimidate the BBC revealed the dark side of nationalism.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive