Demise denied

Several posts in the Scotsman’s Comments section show that a number of subscribers are of the opinion that independence is ­“inevitable”.

This is interesting for anyone of a certain age. Indeed, I recall how a number of people I knew when I was young would express a similar opinion about the imminent demise of the West. Western democracies were “decadent” and “corrupt”, sinking ever deeper into the inevitable decline that was their lot according to the Blessed Karl Marx. Soon, very soon, Comrade, the Workers’ Revolution would sweep away Capitalism and replace it with wholesome, cleansing Socialism.

Now, instead of corrupt, decadent Capitalism, it is decadent, corrupt, bankrupt Unionism and, yes, we are also for the chop. After the Revolution, all the bankers will be up against a wall, they said. Now, it is the Westminster politicians and the poodles in Scotland. Maybe a few bankers too.

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However, I live not just in hope, but in the expectation of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon et al ending their days in the great Union they have spent, nay wasted, their lives trying to undermine.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive, Edinburgh