Degree of success

The idea of a new technical degree blending work and study, as suggested by the leader of the Labour Party, is potentially another positive idea which will hopefully contribute to the debate to put an end to the blinkered Blair government’s determination that all youngsters had to go to university to ensure 

This ill thought-out policy resulted in the creation of new and costly universities offering degree courses with few job opportunities after graduation.

Where are the jobs, for example, for the thousands of media study graduates each year?

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Politicians of all parties at last now seem to accept that university academia is just one route to success. Plumbers, electricians, joiners, builders, lawyers, engineers and doctors – all should be equally valued.

The move to introduce more apprenticeships over the past year or so makes economic sense and our young men and women should be encouraged to use the skills they each have for their own bright future.

Iain J McConnell


East Lothian