Defending Hay

Neil Hay was running his own business in Spain in 2011 when he felt he should return to Scotland with his family and become involved in Nationalist politics and the referendum campaign.

He was adopted as the SNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Edinburgh South on the strength of his efforts in running the campaign.

In the past week the press and his political opponents have delighted in castigating him for anonymously tweeting several remarks (for which he has apologised), and accused him of denigrating old people.

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What PPC in their right mind would denigrate old people? I am an OAP and it is obvious to me that at no time did he call No voters “Quislings” or attack pensioners. His comments about pensioners came during an ongoing exchange of views over voting rights and he pointed out that “even poor souls who can’t remember their name” can vote.

Unionist activists are peddling lies about him.

Neil is currently employed with the Cyrenians, an Edinburgh-based charity that operates to prevent homelessness. He volunteers in local projects using his business skills to help disabled people find jobs, and at night shelters through his local church where he is an active member.

Neil campaigns for many issues that affect the people of South Edinburgh. I will vote for him and I will be disappointed if the people of South Edinburgh don’t reap the benefit of all his talents.

George Wright

Mayfield Road