Debt black hole

If you took the UK’s national debt in pound coins and stacked them up on top of each other the pile would go past the moon and 720,000 miles-plus out into space.

That’s what £1.4 trillion UK debt looks like and that really is an economic black hole. The interest alone on a debt that is increasing presently at the rate of more than £12 million per hour is more than £55 billion annually.

The economic black hole that the UK is being sunk under would of course be a lot worse if it had not had 40 years of oil revenues to squander.

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None of these oil revenues came to Scotland. They all went to London and we got a wee bit back, just the same per head as everybody else in the UK.

So to suggest that Scotland faces a black hole in its finances because it isn’t getting oil revenues it never has had is an argument that most sensible Scots saw through a long time ago.

Dave McEwan Hill