Death wish

It is an absurdity that in 21st-century Scotland you can take your pet to a vet to have a painless injection to put the animal down if it is in excruciating pain with no chance of recovery, yet this right is denied to humans.

The assisted suicide bill being introduced by Margo MacDonald is a welcome remedy to this absurdity. Polls show that the vast majority of Scots agree that anyone who wishes to die with dignity because of a terminal illness should be allowed to seek the assistance of a doctor without the hindrance of the law.

If someone makes the decision to end their own life because they do not wish to endure pain, that is nobody's business but that of the person and his or her immediate family.

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If the religious cranks who oppose this bill wish to suffer a long and painful death because of the absurd belief it is the will of a supernatural celestial dictator, they will be able to do so. Ms MacDonald's bill will ensure that the non-churchgoing majority in this country have an option to end their life.


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