Deal or no deal

It is morally unjustified for SNP MPs, or for that matter any Scottish MP, to vote on English education and health, according to Kenny Farquharson (Perspective, 1 May).

Far from the apparent glee Kenny believes SNP voters take in this I believe most wholeheartedly that it is wrong.

SNP voters believe in a solution to this problem. It’s called independence or, if we continue to remain part of the UK, full fiscal responsibility.

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Kenny accepts changes in education and health could have an affect on Scotland’s block grant as “technically correct”.

Then there is a clear problem with the Barnett Formula which needs addressed. Far from not grappling with the “clear moral quandary” it is only the SNP who are providing a solution.

The Conservatives’ English votes for English laws does not offer a change in the central problem of distribution to the other nations dependent on changes in English departmental budgets.

The SNP are playing the financial hand dealt to Scotland. It is not their choice; they wanted to play another game.

The dealer is still Westminster. If Westminster wishes to reshuffle the pack, England has the MPs to do so if it wishes.

Ross Pollock

Raeberry Street