Date with destiny

“Project Fear” is the label the Nationalists ascribe to any question they do not know the answer to.

When will they provide factual and honest answers, supported where appropriate by legal advice, to questions on issues such as border controls, currency, Europe, Nato and their proposed discrimination against English, Welsh and Northern Irish university students?

In connection with their problems on these matters, and in particular on currency, their perennial response is highlighted by finance secretary John Swinney’s inane comments on Mark Carney’s speech, when he said “a shared currency is the common sense position” as it was in the “overwhelming economic interests of both Scotland and the rest of the UK”.

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This sidesteps the detail of a serious response and is an insult to the intelligence of all Scots wanting to participate in an open and transparent debate.

This lack of integrity is highlighted in the preface to the white paper on page 11, where the First Minister says: “Independence will put the people of Scotland in charge of our own destiny.”

How does he square this with the unanswered allegation that part of monetary policy will be ceded to the Bank of England as part of a currency union, where the populations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland would have to give their approval?

Will they need a referendum? Scotland represents about 8 per cent of the current UK population, so how strong will our negotiating position be? On top of all the facts and in charge of our own destiny?

I don’t think so.

Jimmy Armstrong

Abergeldie Road