Darling doubts

I really must take issue with the Rev Dr John Cameron’s letter (4 August) wherein he holds up Alistair Darling as a paragon of virtue ahead of the forthcoming debate with Alex Salmond.

To quote, he states that “Salmond will face the solid and reliable Alistair Darling”, “not only has he a far better mind than the First Minister, as a former chancellor he also has a much better grip of finance”.

I think John Cameron’s faith in Alistair Darling is sadly misplaced.

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With regard to the issue of finance, during his time as chancellor Alistair Darling took the UK debt from £36 billion to £156bn in just two years. The First Minister’s background is in economics, so I think I know who I’d rather trust with Scotland’s finances in the future.

Secondly, the “solid and reliable” Alistair Darling has a few other skeletons in his cupboard from his time in the New Labour cabinet and beyond.

He backed two illegal wars; supports weapons of mass destruction; didn’t bother to vote on the bedroom tax; presided over a child benefit scandal; “flipped” his second home four times; was made to repay
“mistakenly claimed” expenses; was asleep at the wheel 
during the banking and 
economic collapse and wants to reinstate both university fees for Scottish students and prescription charges. The Rev Dr Cameron may have a short memory in relation to Alistair Darling’s sorry track record, but I sincerely hope the majority of the Scottish public do not, when watching the debate on Tuesday evening.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian