Dark vision

Having been unlucky enough to experience the outcome of the 1979 referendum – which as Brian Wilson will remember, was fiddled by Labour’s 40 per cent rule – I am not surprised to hear his new tack, that a Yes vote in 2014 means penury and despair (Perspective, 16 August).

Along with his former Labour Party colleague John Reid elsewhere, they have obviously decided that when the media slowly get round to realising that a Yes vote will be a benefit to Scotland, they would be wise to get in first and send out the opposite message to create maximum confusion.

My experience of 1979 and its aftermath was the loss of my job, career and health. This was reflected in Scotland’s catastrophic loss of employment, businesses and well-being.

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Nothing will ever convince me that a free Scotland is going to be worse off than it has been under the rule of Labour and Conservative governments from Westminster since the 1979 debacle. The dark picture Brian Wilson and John Reid paint will ensue only after a No vote. Vote No and get Nothing. 

Iain WD Forde

Main Street

Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire