Dangerous words

The responses to my letter 
(Letters, 29 September) about the validity of the referendum result use the words “totalitarian” and “authoritarian”.

These conditions are indeed the result of lack of democracy.

Westminster governments have drifted further right since 1945, away from the welfare state to the neo-liberal consensus of big business, big banks and big debts.

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No government in Westminster has done us any good since Harold Wilson instituted the Open University, comprehensive education, and kept us out of the Vietnam war. Most have done us harm.

Ruth Davidson’s statement reported in The Scotsman – “It is time for the tartan Tories to come home, lower taxation, smaller government, educational choice, enterprise” – epitomises this drift. I do not accept these principles. It would indeed be totalitarianism if I had to move to Eire in order to be able to say this.

Susan Forde

Main Street


Discussion of Susan Forde’s letter on the referendum result reveals an important issue to be settled (Letters, 30 September).

Talk about “rejecting the result” or a “recount” and even a “second referendum” is threatening stability.

Already some North-east politicians are expressing concern “loose talk” could spook investment in the Aberdeen by-pass.

Isn’t the important issue to be settled that political stability is of overriding concern for everyone?

Ms Forde must see that if enough people refuse to accept the result, democracy is impossible.

Arguably then, order may break down and the freedoms we all cherish may be irrevocably lost.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk