Dangerous move

Many will share Israel’s severe reservations about the lessening of sanctions on Iran and even limited and controlled access to technology and material that could in time lead to the emergence of a new nuclear power with the ability to deliver. How many times has Iran indicated its intentions with regards to Israel’s very existence?

The argument appears to be that Iran can help in lessening some of the ongoing world- wide Islamist barbarities and that is, of course, welcome. But those of us who can recall the extreme fanaticism displayed by the Iranians in the 1970s and its sponsored terrorism since will shudder at the thought of Iran with nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them.

The argument may be that the US and the West lived with a hostile and nuclear-armed USSR for decades and so Iran will not be a problem should it get that far. I am afraid that view is dangerously naïve. With this latest development, it would approach insanity for the UK to abandon Trident unilaterally.

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