ALASTAIR Dalton (Inside Transport, 27 February) is right to draw attention to the irresponsibility of some cyclists, but he underplays the dangerous consequences for pedestrians.

In Edinburgh, the Union Canal towpath – once a very safe and pleasant corridor for walkers – now suffers from too many aggressive (overwhelmingly male) cyclists who show little or no consideration for the most vulnerable users of the path. Paths through the Meadows, which used to be exclusively or overwhelmingly for pedestrians, now have to be shared with cyclists, and too often this leads to conflicts.

Yes, of course, more space should be provided for responsible cycling, but the space should be re-allocated from the road network, not taken away from pedestrians. Walking is the most democratic, natural and sustainable mode of transport – it shouldn’t be left at the bottom of our transport policy priorities.

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David Spaven

Convener Living Streets Edinburgh Group

Rose Street