Cycle of stupidity

I use the A9 regularly between Perth and Pitlochry and I am concerned about the number of cyclists who insist on using the main route when there are well-marked alternative cycle routes available.

Accidents to cyclists are a tragedy to the cyclists and their families, but it seems that the accidents on the A9 could be avoided if cyclists used the alternatives to the main A9.

If cyclists insist on using the main A9 rather than the alternative routes there may be a call to have a ban on cyclists imposed on the A9 similar to the ban on the Edinburgh by-pass.

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I feel the cyclists are 
particularly at risk on the single carriage sections on the A9 and it was seeing a cyclist on the Dunkeld By-pass, which is single carriageway, that made me write this letter.

There is a perfectly safe route through Dunkeld that the cyclist could have used.

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Hugh M Mackenzie

Bonnethill Road

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