Currency affairs

Lesley Riddoch concludes her piece (Perspective, 11 August) by asking us to “park the… wrangle over currency and get on with the real independence debate”. So that’s it then: anything the SNP doesn’t have an answer to should be ignored as if it has no bearing on the argument.

She must be disabused of this ridiculous notion. The currency issue is vital to the independence debate.

Currency is an essential component of fiscal policy that would affect everyone in an independent Scotland; it would affect personal taxation, mortgage rates, national borrowing, pensions, exports, imports, and jobs.

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The SNP has had years to work on it and can come up with nothing better than the incorrect “its oors” nonsense.

Even this groundless restating of “oh yes they will” does not explain how it will justify what would be a foreign country controlling such a vital element of the economy, and how this in any way equates to independence – this applies equally to the likely (secret) “Plan B”, the much quoted Panama-style informal currency arrangement.

David K Allan