Criminal checks

I was appalled, but not in the least bit surprised, to read about the history of killer Robert 
Buczek (your report, 10 February).

Many questions need to be asked now. Why, in the year 2015, with such sophisticated technology available, is there not a system to check the criminal history of people arriving in the UK?

All those with a history of violent or sexual crime should be refused entry for the security of our citizens.

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It should not be up to the criminal to declare previous convictions; this should be checked.

There also needs to be a “one strike and you’re out” scheme put into place so that if an immigrant commits any kind of offence they should be immediately deported.

It beggars belief that Buczek was arrested for carrying a knife and then released on bail for such a serious offence. It is time to 
really get tough on EU migrants arriving in Britain.

Obviously it is too late for Mrs Whitelaw but tougher measures could prevent such an atrocity happening again.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square