Credit union wait

I, like many others in Perth and Kinross, am eagerly waiting for the opening of the credit union, but it seems to be taking a ­ridiculously long time.

Last January I received an ­e-mail saying it was hoping to be open by the summer of 2013. When that came and went it was supposed to be October, and now we are in January 2014 and there is still no sign of an opening date.

There is a building all ready and waiting and there is a manager in charge, so what on Earth is the delay? It seems they are waiting for approval by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, but this is taking far too long.

I, like many others in Perth who are unemployed, have to rely on payday lenders and high-interest, well-known lenders that prey on people who have no other options to get credit.

I had hoped it would have been open for Christmas; it would have been very helpful to the residents to avoid people going deeper into debt. It is disgusting that in 2014, residents of Scotland’s newest city don’t have access to a credit union. They ­really need to get moving on this.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square