The Nat-bashing obsessives have been out in force.

Brian Wilson (Perspective, 
21 February) said Nicola Sturgeon has a brass neck for writing to David Cameron to express concern over Scotland’s energy supplies and costs.

He ignores Vince Cable’s statement that for years Scotland has been a net exporter of electricity to England and demands to know why Ms Sturgeon does not confront ScottishPower and SSE over the quality of deal they are giving to Scotland.

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The rest of us scratch our heads and wonder why did he not do that when he was the ­“sagacious” energy minister?

Elsewhere, Andrew Gray (Letters, 21 February) parades his ignorance of political process when he says “The SNP has passed a bill” outlawing the collection of historic poll tax debt.

The bill was passed by 98 votes to 15 in the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Gray ignores the inconvenient fact that, in the rest of his beloved Union, poll tax collection was abandoned after six years of non-payment.

He also said he is going to ­stipulate that HMRC does not transfer any money from his taxes to the Scottish Government until he gets a poll tax ­refund. Well good luck with that one.

Finally, Alexander McKay (Letters, same day) wants everyone to vote Conservative to keep the SNP out.

Mr McKay also said that the SNP ranks of “base, tribal human beings” have been swollen by “The have-nots in our society”.

Mr McKay is going to be deeply concerned to learn that in middle-class, leafy Trinity, where we both live, the SNP branch meetings have had to be moved to much larger venues to accommodate the surge in membership.

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They’re all around you Mr McKay. In fact, they’re right next door.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street