Count undecideds

In our national newspaper, The Scotsman, I would expect accurate reporting. Instead we get a similar headline to that of the redtops.

You say that 54 per cent of Scots are poised to vote SNP (your report, 28 April) but this ignores the number of undecided voters, 32 per cent, so when this is accounted for the actual percentage poised to vote SNP is only 38 per cent, still a high number but not out of sight.

So in fact the TNS poll which you refer to shows almost as many Scots are undecided as those who intend voting SNP and everyone knows there will be few, if any, SNP followers in the undecided camp.

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It should also be stated that this TNS poll used a very small 
sample. I think this is important because your paper and others continue to give the impression that there’s a bandwagon rolling when in fact the SNP is well below the percentage they polled at the referendum.

People follow bandwagons not because they’ve considered the 
issues but simply because it seems popular.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place