Cosla invitation

LAST Friday, I attended a conference organised by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla), on the theme of closing the educational gap and raising attainment for all pupils.

There was input from across Scotland, with directors of education and council leaders showcasing best practice on how to address the generational educational underperformance that blights many of our children and young people.

There was also input from academics who directed us to research that could best influence educational policy.

It was an excellent conference with the key messages being that early intervention and offering support in parenting skills could make a significant positive difference to a child’s educational attainment.

Sadly, no-one from the Scottish Government bothered to attend the conference. So I would suggest to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that she does not need to visit London or New York to see innovative practice as it is on her doorstep if she could just be bothered to listen. Last Friday was a huge opportunity missed. 


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Maureen Henry 

Lammermuir Gardens